Hello.  I'm Paul Brosseau.  I was born in Providence RI.  When I was really small I lived in Smithfield RI.  Just as I was starting kindergarten we moved to Barrington, RI.  I went to St. Luke's School grades 1-8.  I was an altar boy.  I sang in the choir.  I played ice hockey  Then we moved to Portsmouth, RI and I switched to public school.

I went to Portsmouth High School and graduated in 1974.  I played ice hockey.  It wasn't an officially sponsored school team.  We organized it ourselves and played other high school kids from actual schools as well as other ad hoc teams like our own.  Somewhere during this time I started playing guitar.  My first guitar was made by Ventura.  I bought it off of a friend.

After high school I took a few years off before going to college.  I worked in restaurants and on construction jobs.  I learned to cook and how to install fire-alarm sprinkler systems.  I went to the beach a lot in the summer and collected unemployment wheneve I could.

I joined a group of musicians and we called ourselves The John, Paul, Stevens Band.  There was John, Me, Steve, Steve, and Steve.  It was a pretty good band and we had a lot of fun.

I went to the University of Rhode Island and got a BS in Operations Research from the business school.  I played in a band call The Biscuit City Band.  We were pretty good.

In the mid 80's I moved to Frankfurt Germany and worked as a Systems Consultant for Wang Laboratories.  During thos years I played in a string of Irish Pubs owned by this guy I knew.  Always solo acoustic.  It was a blast.  I joined the Frankfurt International Ski Club and skied many weekends all over Europe.  

I met a British girl.  She had three small children.  We fell in love and got married.  We moved to the USA in 1992